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Университет науки и технологический парк, Чжунъюань, города Чжэнчжоу, Китай.

    Выставка Beauty Expo 2013

    2014-09-24 09:38:16

    Yearly Beauty Expo in China, lots of the beauty machine manufacturers all over the country come together to show and sell their beauty and medical machines to customers and distributors.
    We have participated and held many beauty expos at home and abroad. Such as Guangzhou, Beijing, Hongkong, Zhengzhou in China,and Dubai,Italy, England, America, France, Spain and many other countries and cities.
    Over the past two decades,Our products are sold in Britain, America, Japan, Italy ,Middle Eastern ,South America and South East Asia and well appreciated by their purchasers.
    As one of the leading exporters of medical and beauty products in China, We have China beauty and aesthetics market reputation,extensive business channels ,solid customer foundation ,and strong market competitiveness,etc.


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